All these organizations agree on the most broadly endorsed items on the Boulder ballot - YES on 2M & 2N!

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About three-quarters of the money would go for city projects, the biggest of which is the relocation of fire station No. 3, currently located in a floodplain at 30th and Arapahoe. Other city projects to be funded include upgrading police and fire communication systems, a north Boulder library branch and improvements to the Scott Carpenter Pool. The remaining one-quarter of the money would go to various nonprofits selected by a citizen committee and/or City Council, including Meals on Wheels and Community Cycles....We support issues 2M and 2N....
— Daily Camera Editorial, 10/14/2017
Boulder Weekly supports 2M to fund these important projects for our community.

Moving forward with the new projects...the City wants to capture momentum and start working right away. [2N] would allow the City to do so and Boulder Weekly supports it.
— Boulder Weekly 2017 Vote Guide

We hope you'll join them and say YES to 2M and 2N. Our supporters include State Senator Steve Fenberg, State House Majority Leader KC Becker, State Rep. Edie Hooton, Boulder Mayor Suzanne Jones, City Council Members Aaron Brockett, Jan Burton, Lisa Morzel, Andrew Shoemaker, Sam Weaver, Mary Young and many more on the growing list below!



Kathleen Aki
Laurie Albright, former President BVSD Board
Taylor Arenson
Lory Barton
KC Becker, State House Majority Leader
Sylvia Bernstein
Caitlin Berube-Smith
Deanna Bratter
Jean Brisson
Charles Brock
Aaron Brockett, Boulder City Council Member
Jamison Brown
Brian Buckly
Dax Burgos
Jan Burton, Boulder City Council Member*
Eric Budd*
Ed Byrne*
Cindy Carlisle, Former Boulder City Council*
Sandee Cirian
Rendl Clark
Bob Crifasi
David Dadone
Alexey Davies
Hannah Davis
Tila Duhaime
Shelley Dunbar
Elaine Erb
Angelique Espinoza, Former Boulder City Council
Michelle Estrella
Stephen Fenberg, Colorado State Senator
Dean Fogerty
Ann Fontenot
Tracy Foster
Ken Fowler
Evan Freirich
Gary Sprung
Natasha Gallaway
Brian Graham
Jill Grano*
Scott Griffin
Lucy Guercio
Lynn Guissinger
Ann Haebig
Jon Haebig
Hannah Hanssens-Reed
Ben Harding
Rebekah Hartman
Susan Helm-Murtagh
Edie Hooton, Colorado State Representative
Lory Howlett-Barton
Kate Hunter
Suzanne Jones, City of Boulder Mayor
Vanessa Keeley
RiseAnn Keller
Elena Klaver
Liz Lane
Tamara Layman
Michael Leccese

Waylon Lewis
Glenn Lieberman
Amanda Lineberry
Neal Lurie
Renate Mairie
Heidi Marchi
Carole Martell
Mimi Mather
Dan Matsch
Marti Matsch
John McCarthy
Mark McIntyre*
Zahra Merali
Tom Moore
Bob Morehouse
Lisa Morzel, Boulder City Council Member
Mirabai Nagle*
Jill Nelson
Krista Nordback
Kari Palazarri
Jeffrey Pedelty
Francea Phillips
Bruce Piggott
Francoise Poinsatte, Former Boulder City Council
Sue Prant
Clark Rider
Bill Rigler*
Jasmine Rodriguez
Tyler Romero
Martha Roskowski
Julie Rubsam
Tim Russo
Andrew Scallon
Micah Schwartz
Zane Selvans
Morgan Shimabuku
Sarah Shirazi
Andrew Shoemaker, Bldr City Council Member
Jennifer Shriver
Leslie Smith, former BVSD Board Member
Stephen Sparn
Barbara Stern
Jon Stout
Adam Swetlik*
Molly Tayer
Will Toor
Ryan Van Duzer
Christy Vaughn
John Waitman
Sam Weaver, Boulder City Council Member
Dakota-Rae Westveer
Lisa Widdekind
Aaron Winston
Kelly Wyatt
Bob Yates, Boulder City Council Member
Mary Young, Boulder City Council Member

*Candidates for Boulder City Council