Together, let's shore up needed SAFETY services.


Improve Emergency Response


Fire Station 3

Fire Station 3 at the intersection of Arapaho and 30th Street is outdated, inefficient, undersized, and located in the 100-year flood plain. The relocation of Fire Station 3 will allow for better service delivery to a significant part of the city that is not currently within a standard four-minute response time. A new facility will also reduce maintenance and energy costs. In addition, the new station will allow for community and shared meeting space.

emergency radio.jpg.png

Emergency Radio Infrastructure

The current Police and Fire radio infrastructure has begun to experience issues with performance such as coverage, quality of the communications, and equipment reliability. The existing system is over thirty years old, and many components are beyond their recommended life-cycle, meaning replacements are no longer available. Upgrading to a modern radio system will increase the city’s ability to communicate cross-departmentally and with other county, state, and mutual aid agencies, as well as make necessary improvements to infrastructure and process.

Improve greenway connections

Fourmile 1.jpg

Fourmile Canyon Creek Greenway

The Fourmile Canyon Creek Greenway serves over 21,000 residents throughout North Boulder. This improvement project provides a missing link in the path system and safer access to Crest View Elementary School for pedestrians and bicyclists. It also provides improved vehicular access on 19th Street, which is an emergency access route during a major storm event. Capital tax funding is for non-flood improvements, but construction of a multi-use path connection, bicycle/pedestrian underpasses, and replacement of two structurally deficient bridges will also provide benefits during floods.